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US ZIP Codes "0-9"
Reverse ZIP Code Search & ZIP Code Lookup by City




US ZIP Codes "A"
USA Postal Code Lookup/Info [tip]
ZIP Code Lookup & Reverse ZIP Code Search  [tip]

American Indian BIA Directory
BIA Tribal Leaders Directory [tip]
ZIP code search and ZIPcode directory offering city demographics, local weather and maps by state below:
AK · AL · AR · AZ · CA · CO · CT · DC · DE · FL · GA · HI · IA · ID · IL · IN · KS · KY · LA · ME · MD · MA · MI · MN · MS · MO · MT · NE · NV · NH · NJ · NM · NY · NC · ND · OH · OK · OR · PA · RI · SC · SD · TN · TX · UT · VT · VA · WA · WV · WI · WY
ZIP Code Lookup & Reverse ZIP Code Search
Postage Rates Worldwide [tip]







US ZIP Codes "B"
US & International Addressing Guides  [tip]
US ZIP Code Lookup [tip]




US ZIP Codes "C"
US Addressing Guide
Reverse ZIP Code Lookup
ZIP Code Business Patterns




US ZIP Codes "D"
ZIP Code Search by City Name
ZIP Code Search by State
List Cities/Counties in State
Reverse ZIP Code Search




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US ZIP Codes "E"
US ZIP Code Software




US ZIP Codes "F"
Address Correction Software
Browse & Search ZIP Codes




US ZIP Codes "G"
ZIP Code Maps
Zip Codes of the United States
GeoPostCodes - Postal & Zip Codes Database
Reverse ZIP code Search  [tip]
ZIP Code Lookup by City  [tip]
ZIP Code Lookup by County  [tip]
ZIP Code Lookup by Area Code  [tip]  [tip]
Free Reverse Search Zip Code & Area Code




US ZIP Codes "I"
Find A Zip Code




US ZIP Codes "J"
ZIP and Area Code lookup -  [tip]




US ZIP Codes "L"  [tip]
AK · AL · AR · AZ · CA · CO · CT · DE · FL · GA · HI · IA · ID · IL · IN · KS · KY · LA · MA · MD · ME · MI · MN · MO · MS · MT · NC · ND · NE · NH · NJ · NM · NV · NY · OH · OK · OR · PA · PR · RI · SC · SD · TN · TX · UT · VA · VT · WA · WI · WV · WY




US ZIP Codes "M"
Business Counts and Sic Codes by Zip Code
Carrier Routes Radius with Delivery Counts
Carrier Routes by ZIP Code Lookup
Carrier Routes by ZIP Code Map
Climate Averages Lookup by ZIP Code
Get The Latitude & Longitude For a 5 or 9-digit Zip Code
Home Sales Price by ZIP Code
Demographics by ZIP Code
Income Tax Statistics Lookup by ZIP Code
Labor Statistics Lookup by ZIP Code
Nearest Bulk Mail Post Office
Street Name Lookup: Find Any Address Nationwide by Street Name
US Address Lookup: Verify and correct any US address
Lookup Canadian Addresses
ZIP Code Demographics to Any ZIP Code in The US
ZIP Codes in a Radius Lookup
ZIP Code Listings by City
ZIP Code List by County
Enter ZIP Code, City Name, Phone Number or Area Code for Demographics
ZIP Code Lookup on MelissaMobile (Cell Phone, Smartphone or iPod)
ZIP Code Map with the Boundary of a 5-digit ZIP Code
ZIP Code to ZIP Code Distance Lookup
ZIP Code Locator, Click the Map Once to Begin
US ZIP Code Maps - Demographic Profiles




US ZIP Codes "P"
ZIP Code Postage Rate
Postage rates worldwide.




US ZIP Codes "Q"
US ZIP Code Lookup
Free online lookups built from our data and developer products. This utility can be used to perform a simple ZIP Code lookup, determine the distance between two ZIP Codes, and determine all ZIP Codes within a specified mileage radius. (NALENND™ Online the npa nxx lookup utility).

Online Applications & LookupsThese online applications allow free access to the casual user with a maximum of ten queries per day. An annual subscription gives you and your organization unlimited lookup access to these online utilities. (ABA Routing Number Validation) (European IBAN Validation) (Social Security Number Validation).

Postal Databases (English)
North American Local Exchange NPA NXX Database. NPA NXX to ZIP Code Database. United States 5-Digit ZIP Codes. Canadian Postal Codes. United States Geographic Locations and more. Fee-based.
US ZIP codes listed numerically with City/State/County i.e. Pleasantville, NY, Westchester
00001+ · 01000+ · 04700+ · 06400+ · 10000+ · 12500+ · 15000+ · 17500+ · 20000+ · 22000+ · 25000+ · 28000+ · 30000+ · 33000+ · 36500+ · 40000+ · 42500+ · 45000+ · 47500+ · 50000+ · 54000+ · 56000+ · 60000+ · 63000+ · 67000+ · 70000+ · 73000+ · 77000+ · 80000+ · 85000+ · 90000+ · 94000+ · 97000+




US ZIP Codes "S"
ZIP Code Lookup
Enter City and State find ZIP Code. Search also displays County and Time Zone. Works for both US and Canada.
US Address and ZIP + 4® Browser
Find US ZIP codes and ZIP+4.
Reverse ZIP Code Lookup
This utility enables anyone to enter in a ZIP code and retrieve the associated city, state, and area code.

Multiple ZIP Code Lookup
Lookup and find information for multiple ZIP codes at the same time. Currently we limit the number of ZIPs to 50.

Radius ZIP Code Search
Our Radius Search will give you a list of the surrounding ZIP codes up to 50 miles!

ZIP Code Distance Lookup
This utility enables anyone to quickly find the distance in miles between two ZIP codes.

ZIP Code Search by City & State
This utility enables anyone to quickly find the ZIP code by listing the city and state.
ZIP Code Lookup by City/State, Reverse Zip Code
US Post Office Lookup
Find US Post Office Locations, Hours, Automated Postal Centers, Alternate Locations for Stamps or US Passport Application Services.




US ZIP Codes "USPS Misc. "
United States Postal Service Home Page

---Address Change Online
The official change of address form.

---U.S. Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup
---Address Management System Offices
To locate an Address Management System office, enter a city
and state name (e.g., Des Moines IA ) or a ZIP Code (e.g., 55110).

---City/State ZIP Code Associations
Find a list of cities that are in a ZIP Code.

---International Rate Calculator
For additional country specific mailing information see International Zip Codes.

---Mailing & Shipping Guidelines: Business

---Mailing & Shipping Guidelines: non-Business
---National Zone Charts
The Official National Zone Charts identify the appropriate distance code assigned to each originating and destinating ZIP Code™ pairing for every ZIP Code in the nation.

---US Post Office Auctions
The Atlanta Mail Recovery Center is scheduled to hold public auctions on the sale of unclaimed, damaged, and claim-paid merchandise
---Shipping Label with Postage

---Stamps Online

---The Postal Store

---Track & Confirm
To check on the delivery status of your mailing, enter your label or receipt number in the space provided.

---US Postage Rate Calculator
Domestic and International Postage Rates.
For additional country specific mailing information see International Zip Codes.

---USPS Calendar
Includes holidays, First-Day Stamp Ceremonies, Upcoming Stamp Shows and Stamp Release Schedule

---ZIP Code Lookup by Address, by City, by Company
Find all cities within a ZIP code.

---ZIP Abbreviations

---US Postal Service FAQ's
Includes 48 pages of FAQs.




US ZIP Codes "USPS Domestic "
Domestic Mail Manual/Services.
Retail Mailing Services.
--- A Customer's Guide to Mailing
---Retail Letters, Cards, Flats, and Parcels

Discount Mailing Services.
---An Introduction to Mailing for Businesses and Organizations
---Discount Letters and Cards
---Discount Flats
---Discount Parcels

General Information.
---Additional Mailing Services
---Basic Standards for All Mailing Services
---Special Standards

Index and Appendices.
---Labeling Lists
---Summary of Changes
---Rates and Fees

Search for ZIP Codes




US ZIP Codes "USPS International "
(for rates from the US to individual countries see international zip codes)

International Mail Manual/Services.
Transmittal Letter
Subscription Services

International Mail Services
General Information, Preparation for Mailing, Mailability, International Mail Categories, Postage.

Conditions for Mailing
Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Mail International, Postcards and Postal Cards, Direct Sacks of Printed Matter to One Addressee (M–Bags), Free Matter for the Blind or Other Physically Handicapped Persons, Commercial Services.

Extra Services
Certificate of Mailing, Insurance, Registered Mail, Return Receipt, Restricted Delivery, Supplemental Services.

Treatment of Outbound Mail
Postmarking, Shortpaid and Unpaid Mail, Improperly Prepared Mail, Extra Services Mail — Registered Mail, Forwarding.

Special Programs
Postal Qualified Wholesaler Program.

Treatment of Inbound Mail
U.S. Customs Information, Plant and Animal Quarantine Inspection, Shortpaid Mail to the United States, Irregular Mail, Extra Services, Forwarding, Undeliverable Mail, Items Mailed Abroad by or on Behalf of Senders in the United States.

Inquiries, Indemnities, and Refunds
Reports Encouraged, Inquiries and Claims, Indemnity Payments, Postage Refunds.




US ZIP Codes "W"
Canadian Postal Code Lookup

US ZIP code Lookup
ZIP Code Lookup & Reverse ZIP Code Search
Enter US city and state to find associated ZIP codes or enter a US ZIP code to find an address.
ZIP code prefixes
This table lists 3-digit ZIP Code prefixes, each of which represents a United States Postal Service (USPS) sectional center facility (SCF). Each SCF serves local addresses whose 5-digit ZIP Codes start with the same prefix.




US ZIP Codes "Y"
Zip Code Finder & Reverse Zip Code Search




US ZIP Codes "Z"
US ZIP Code Search
Try out the speed and power of ZIPAddress to lookup ZIP+4 codes or find addresses from almost any fragment in the USPS ZIP+4 database
ZIP Code Search
Search by city name, ZIP code or area code. Click on interactive map or state menu. Includes City, county, state, FIPS code, area code and time zone.
Zip Code Lookup
ZIP Code Software
ZIP Code Download has been the world's leader in ZIP Code software and data technology since 2001.
US ZIP Code, Canadian Postal Code & Mexican Postal Code Lookups offers complete and affordable United States ZIP Codes database, Canadian Postal Codes database and Mexican Postal Codes database with latitude and longitude coordinates, region and country names as well as other important information. Fee-based.

US ZIP Code Maps
Fee-based. 5 Digit ZIP code maps are available for every state or county. These maps show all the 5 digit ZIP code boundaries for the area covered using clean, practical map colors and styles. To make ZIPCode maps easier to read, we color neighboring ZIP codes uniquely PLUS we highlight every ZIP Code with its city name, ZIP code boundaries, county boundaries and highways.
Free ZIP Code Finder
Free ZIP code radius search, free ZIP code search, free ZIP code distance calculator. Also fee-based US ZIP code database, Canadian postal codes, Aggregate demographics, ZIP code maps, ZIP code radius map, ZIP code street maps and Historical databases.
Zip Code World (English)
United States Zip Code databases.
ZIP Code Data Services
Software description: Unlimited Radius Searching - find all postal codes within 5000 miles and beyond including "donut" radius searches. Process 1000's of radius and lookup searches in seconds. Search returns more than 30 Data Fields included - County, Area Code, Population, State, City, Time Zone, and more. Search against multiple criteria simultaneously - determine your search area by State, County, City, Area Code or other Data Field. File processing allows you to perform ZIP/postal code radius and lookup searches on all postal codes found within your own comma-delimited files and augment your database with any of our ZIP/postal code data fields.
Reverse ZIP Code Search
Enter a US ZIP code to find an area code, county, latitude, longitude, MSA, PMSA, congressional district, FIPS code, and time zone.
Basic ZIP Code Search
Have you ever wondered? 1) What types of people live in a particular neighborhood? 2) What neighborhoods contain a particular type of people? 3) How do residents of one neighborhood compare to residents of another? Search by ZIP Code or Search by Demographics.
ZIP & Area Code Search





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