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SMS, Texting, IM, Mobile Messaging

I <—> I

I <—> Eye

I 1-D-R <—> I Wonder

I-I <—> This Is Me Asleep

IAC <—> I Am Confused

IAC <—> In Any Case

IAD8 <—> It's A Date

IAE <—> In Any Event

IAC <—> If Anyone Cares

IAGTKOM <—> I Ain't Got That Kind Of Money

IAITS <—> It's All In The Subject

IAMS <—> It's About Me Stupid

IANAC <—> I Am Not A Crook

IANADBIPOOTV <—> I Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV

IANAE <—> I Am Not An Expert

IANAL <—> I Am Not A Lawyer

IANNNGI <—> I Am Not Nurturing the Next Generation of Idiots

IAS <—> I Am Sorry

IASAP4U <—> I Always Say A Prayer For You

IAT <—> I Am Tired

IAW <—> I Agree With

IAW <—> In Accordance With

IB <—> In Back

IBM <—> I Blame Microsoft


SMS, Texting, IM, Mobile Messaging

IBGYBG <—> I'll Be Gone, You'll Be Gone

IBIWISI <—> I'll Believe It When I See It

IBK <—> Idiot Behind Keyboard

IBRB <—> I'll Be Right Back

IBT <—> In Between Technology

IBTD <—> I Beg To Differ

IBTL <—> In Before The Lock

IC <—> I See

IC <—> In Character

IC <—> Independant Contractor

ICBW <—> I Could Be Wrong

ICBW <—> It Could Be Worse

ICBWICBM <—> It Could Be Worse, It Could Be Me

ICCL <—> I Couldn't Care Less

ICE <—> In Case of Emergency

ICIHICPCL <—> I Can't Imagine How I Could Possibly Care Less

ICQ <—> I Seek You

ICW <—> I Can't Wait

ICWUM <—> I See What You Mean

ICYC <—> In Case You're Curious

ICYC <—> In Case You Care

ICYMI <—> In Case You Missed It

ID <—> IDentification

ID10T <—> Idiot

IDC <—> I Don't Care

IDGI <—> I Don't Get Involved

IDGI <—> I Don't Get It

IDIFTL <—> I Did It For The Lulz

IDK <—> I Don't Know

IDKABTT <—> I Don't Know About That


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SMS, Texting, IM, Mobile Messaging

IDKY <—> I Don't Know You

I-D-L <—> Ideal

IDM <—> It Doesn't Matter

IDNO <—> I Don't Know

IDRK <—> I Don't Really Know

IDST <—> I Didn't Say That

IDTA <—> I Did That Already

IDTBBF <—> I Deserve To Be Blown First

IDTS <—> I Don't Think So

IDWTUB <—> I Don't Want To Upset You But

IEF <—> It's Esther's Fault

IF <—> In Front

IFAB <—> I Found A Bug

IGGP <—> I Gotta Go Pee

IGTP <—> I Get The Point

IGWS <—> It Goes Without Saying

IGWST <—> It Goes Without Saying That

IGYHTBT <—> I Guess You Had To Be There

i h8 it <—> i hate it

IHTFP <—> I Have Truly Found Paradise

IHA <—> I Hate Acronyms

IHAIM <—> I Have Another Instant Message

IHNC <—> I Have No Clue

IHNO <—> I Have No Opinion

IHTFP <—> I Have Truly Found Paradise

IHU <—> I Hear You

IHY <—> I Hate You

IHY <—> I Heart You

IIABDFI <—> If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

IIIO <—> Intel Inside, Idiot Outside

IIMAD <—> If It Makes Any Difference

IINM <—> If I'm Not Mistaken

IIR <—> If I Recall

IIR <—> If I Remember

IIRC <—> If I Recall Correctly

IIRC <—> If I Remember Correctly

IIT <—> Is It Tight

IITLYTO <—> If It's Too Loud You're Too Old

IITM <—> It's In The Mail

IITYWIMWYBMAD <—> If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink

IITYWYBMAD <—> If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink

IIWII <—> It Is What It Is

IIWM <—> If It Were Me

IJ <—> Inside Joke

IJPMP <—> I Just Pissed My Pants

IJS <—> I'm Just Saying

IJS... <—> I'm Just Saying...

IJWTK <—> I Just Want To Know

IJWTS <—> I Just Want To Say

IKALOPLT <—> I Know A Lot Of People Like That

IKIWISI <—> I'll Know It When I See It

IKR <—> I Know, Right

IKWIWWISI <—> I'll Know What I Want When I See It

IKWYM <—> I Know What You Mean

IKYABWAI <—> I Know You Are But What Am I

ILA <—> I Love Acronyms

IL B L8 <—> I’ll Be Late

ILI <—> I Love It

ILMJ <—> I Love My Job

ILU <—> I Like You

ILU <—> I Love You

ILU2 <—> I Love You Too

ILUAAF <—> I Love You As A Friend

ILUL <—> I Love You Lots

ILUWAMH <—> I Love You With All My Heart

ILY <—> I Love You

ILY2 <—> I Like/Love You Too

IM <—> Immediate Message

IM <—> Instant Message

IM2BZ2P <—> I'm Too Busy To (even) Pee

IMA <—> I Might Add

IMAO <—> In My Arrogant Opinion

IMCO <—> In My Considered Opinion

IME <—> In My Experience

IMGC <—> I Might Get Caught

IMHEIUO <—> In My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion

IMHIF <—> I Move How I Feel

IMHM <—> I’m Home

IMHHO <—> In My Honest Humble Opinion

IMHO <—> In My Humble Opinion

IMI <—> I Mean It

IMITM <—> I'm In The Money

IMJS <—> I'm Just Saying


SMS, Texting, IM, Mobile Messaging

IML8 <—> I'm Late

IMML <—> I Make Myself Laugh

IMNERHO <—> In My Never Even Remotely Humble Opinion

IMNSHO <—> In My Not So Humble Opinion

IMO <—> In My Opinion

IMOO <—> In My Own Opinion

IMPOV <—> In My Point Of View

IMR <—> I Mean Really

IMRU <—> I Am, Are You

IMS <—> I'm Sorry

IMSS <—> I'm So Sure

IMU <—> I Miss You

INBD <—> It's No Big Deal

INMP <—> It's Not My Problem

INNW <—> If Not Now When

INPO <—> In No Particular Order

INUCOSM <—> It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

INUIM <—> It's Not You It's Me

IOH <—> I'm Outta Here

ION <—> Index Of Names

IOT <—> In Order To

IOTTCO <—> Intuitively Obvious To The Casual Observer

IOU <—> I Owe You

IOUD <—> Inside, Outside, Upside Down

IOW <—> In Other Words

IOWA <—> Idiots Out Walking About

IOWA <—> Idiots Out Wandering Around

IP <—> Intellectual Property

IPN <—> I'm Posting Naked

IR8 <—> Irate

IRL <—> In Real Life

IRNCOT <—> I'd Rather Not Comment On That

ISAGN <—> I See A Great Need

ISH <—> Insert Sarcasm Here

ISO <—> In Search Of

ISS <—> I'm So Sure

ISS <—> I Said So

ISSOYS <—> I'm So Sick Of Your Stories

ISSOYS <—> I'm So Sick Of Your Stuff

ISSYGTI <—> I'm So Sure You Get The Idea

ISTM <—> It Seems To Me

ISTR <—> I Seem To Remember

ISWC <—> If Stupid Were a Crime

ISWYM <—> I See What You Mean

ISYALS <—> I'll Send You A Letter Soon

ITA <—> I Totally Agree

ITALY <—> I Truly Always Love You

ITALY <—> I Trust And Love You

ITFA <—> In The Final Analysis

ITIGBS <—> I Think I'm Going To Be Sick

ITM <—> In The Money

ITMA <—> It's That Man Again

ITS A D8 <—> It's A Date

ITSF <—> If The Shoe Fits

ITSFWI <—> If The Shoe Fits Wear It

IUM <—> If You Must

IURI <—> If You Are Interested

IWALU <—> I Will Always Love You

IWBNI <—> It Would Be Nice If

IWIWU <—> I Wish I Was You

IWYWH <—> I Wish You Were Here

IX XI <—> 911

IX XI <—> Emergency

IYAM <—> If You Ask Me

IYCSSNASDSAAA <—> If You Can’t Say Something Nice About Someone Don’t Say Anything At All

IYD <—> In Your Dreams

IYDMMA <—> If You Don't Mind My Asking

IYFEG <—> Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group

IYKWIM <—> If You Know What I Mean

IYKWIMAITYD <—> If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do

IYNAEGBTM <—> If You Need Anything Else Get Back To Me

IYO <—> In Your Opinion

IYSS <—> If You Say So

IYSWIM <—> If You See What I Mean


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