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A2O <—> Apples To Oranges

A3 <—> Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

AAAAA <—> American Association Against Acronym Abuse

AAF <—> As A Friend

AAK <—> Asleep At Keyboard

AAMOF <—> As A Matter Of Fact

AAMOI <—> As A Matter Of Interest

AAP <—> Always A Pleasure

AAR <—> At Any Rate

AAR8 <—> At Any Rate

AAS <—> Alive And Smiling

AATK <—> Always At The Keyboard

AAYF <—> As Always, Your Friend


AB <—> Ass Backwards

ABITHIWTITB <—> A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

ABT2 <—> About To

ACD <—> Alt Control Delete

ACE <—> Access Control Entry

ACK <—> Acknowledgement

ACORN <—> A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty person

ADAD <—> Another Day Another Dollar

ADBB <—> All Done Bye Bye

ADctd2uv <—> Addicted To Love

ADIH <—> Another Day In Hell

ADIP <—> Another Day In Paradise

ADN <—> Any Day Now

ADR or addy <—> Address

AEAP <—> As Early As Possible


AFAGAY <—> A Friend As Good As You

AFAHMASP <—> A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

AFAIAA <—> As Far As I Am Aware

AFAIC <—> As Far As I'm Concerned

AFAICS <—> As Far As I Can See

AFAICT <—> As Far As I can Tell

AFAIK <—> As Far As I Know

AFAIU <—> As Far As I Understand

AFAIUI <—> As Far As I Understand It

AFAP <—> As Far As Possible

AFAYC <—> As Far As You're Concerned

AFC <—> Away From Computer

AFDN <—> Any F***ing Day Now

AFGO <—> Another F***ing Growth Opportunity

AFIAA <—> As Far As I Am Aware

AFINIAFI <—> A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

AFK <—> A Free Kill

AFK <—> Away From Keyboard

AFLO <—> Another F***ing Learning Opportunity

AFPOE <—> A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

AFT <—> About F***ing Time

AFZ <—> Acronym Free Zone


AGA <—> Acute Gravity Attack (person fell over)

AGB <—> Almost Good Bridge

AGKWE <—> And God Knows What Else

AHOTYA <—> Asshole Of The Year Award

AHOYA <—> Asshole Of The Year Award

AIAMU <—> And I'm A Monkey's Uncle

AIGHT <—> Alright

AIH <—> As It Happens

AIM <—> AOL Instant Messenger

AIMB <—> As I Mentioned Before

AIMP <—> Always In My Prayers

AISB <—> As It Should Be

AISB <—> As I Said Before

AISE <—> As I Said Earlier

AISI <—> As I See It

AITR <—> Adult In The Room

AKA or a.k.a. <—> Also Known As





ALAP <—> As Late As Possible

Alcon <—> All Concerned

ALOL <—> Actually Laughing Out Loud

ALOTBSOL <—> Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

ALTG <—> Act Locally, Think Globally

AMANA <—> All Mouth And No Action

AMAP <—> As Many As Possible

AMBW <—> All My Best Wishes

AMF <—> Adios Mother F***er

AML <—> All My Love

AMRMTYFTS <—> All My Roommates Thank You For The Show

AND <—> Any Day Now

ANFAWFOWS <—> And Now For A Word Word From Our Web Sponsor

ANFSCD <—> And Now For Something Completely Different

ANGB <—> Almost Nearly Good Bridge


AOAS <—> All Of A Sudden

AOB <—> Abuse Of Bandwidth

AON <—> Apropos Of Nothing

AOTA <—> All Of The Above

AOX3 <—> Alert, Oriented Times 3 (person, place, time)

AOYP <—> Angel On Your Pillow

AP <—> Apple Pie

APB <—> All Points Bulletin

AS <—> Ape Sh**

ASAFP <—> As Soon As "F***ing" Possible

ASAMOF <—> As A Matter Of Fact

ASAP <—> As Soon As Possible

ASL <—> Age, Sex, Location

A/S/L <—> Age/Sex/Location

ASLA <—> Age/Sex/Location/Availability

ASLMH <—> Age/Sex/Location/Music/Hobbies

ASTO <—> Always Stating The Obvious

ASTRO <—> Always Stating The Really Obvious


AT <—> At Your Terminal

ATAB <—> Ain't That A Bitch

ATB <—> All The best

ATC <—> Any Two Cards

ATK <—> At The Keyboard

ATM <—> At The Moment

ATNA <—> All Talk No Action

ATSITS <—> All The Stars In The Sky

ATSL <—> Along The Same Line(s)

ATST <—> At The Same Time

ATW <—> All The Web

ATW <—> Around The Web

AWC <—> After Awhile Crocodile

AWGTHTGTTA <—> Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again

AWGTHTGTTSA <—> Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Sh*t Again

AWLTP <—> Avoiding Work Like The Plague

AWNIAC <—> All We Need Is Another Chair

AWOL <—> Absent Without Leave

AYC <—> Aren't You Cheeky

AYC <—> Aren't You Clever

AYCE <—> All You Can Eat

AYDY <—> Are You Done Yet?

AYEC <—> At Your Earliest Convenience

AYK <—> As You Know

AYOR <—> At Your Own Risk

AYSOS <—> Are You Stupid Or Something

AYT <—> Are You There?

AYTMTB <—> And You're Telling Me This Because

AYV <—> Are You Vertical?





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